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eight hundred sixty fourth birthday with an eye opening light show which saw moscow state university as the canvas for a multi-million dollar display. the military has been taking over red square wrapping up a lot of five data today with russian and foreign forces marching together. i'll be back with another update in about fifteen minutes from now in the meantime the clock is ticking for colonel gadhafi to surrender to libya's interim government the national transitional council is now widely recognized as the country's legitimate power and next british m.p. barry gardiner who voted against western intervention gives his insight into the conflict. today i'm talking to barry gardener who's a labor member of parliament and one of the very few m.p.'s to a very serious against the intervention in libya mr gardiner thanks for talking to r.t. today now we see that the rebels if we can still call them that have practically
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taken tripoli and that gaddafi looks like he's lost the fight have you changed your mind about the libyan intervention the point is the legitimacy of it and that's what i created in the beginning and i think most people would agree that it was right to intervene on humanitarian grounds to save the people of benghazi that was never the issue the issue was all whether nato should then become involved as effectively the strikeforce for the rebel corps and that's what it's been and that of course was in my view way beyond the brief that the united nations had given and it was wrong it was not the should have been about regime change a civil war in libya is something for them it's not something for the rest of the world to intervene how do you wish it could have been different then what would you have done if you'd been in charge i think what we should have seen is we should have seen an intervention by the forces that went in to stop that attack on
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benghazi to neutralize gadhafi and to make sure that he then did not conduct any aggressive sorties as he had previously been doing but not that they should then become the air on the strike force for the rebels david cameron said a few days ago that nato would lend support in libya for as long as civilians need protecting what was your reaction to that is that open ended commitment is it sounds. it was very clear in the original u.n. resolution it was very clear when our prime minister spoke in parliament here that there would be no. occupation force that would be totally wrong one of the things that troubled me all was this ambivalence as to whether there should be troops on the ground and of course that wasn't expressly prohibited by the resolution but but it was something that i think all of us were very concerned
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about. what we saw as the rebels were going into tripoli the other day certainly on the radio programs that were broadcast in the u.k. we would go left go left go left these instructions being yelled out by what were obviously british soldiers british personnel who were leading that advance group now that i think it's where we've overstepped the line there's also now talk of pursing peacekeeping forces on the ground in libya i've seen that something you oppose but you know decimated country with no structures for maintaining order now is that not the only way i don't believe it is i don't believe it's right that we should be staying there. to establish the new regime that's that's not what this was originally about it was about humanitarian protection let me be clear i am very pleased to see the back of gadhafi who is
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a very evil dictator the sooner he is in front of the international criminal court the better. and i'm very glad that his days are now at an end i wish the new regime well but i think it's important that they establish their regime they prove to the international community that they have the capacity not to tear themselves into different factions and to libya as a strong and unified government but that's their responsibility you supported the invasion of iraq back in two thousand and. three why is this so different it's very different. the invasion of iraq was because. saddam hussein had refused to reveal as he was obliged to under chapter seven of the united nations resolution whether or not he had got rid of all of the nuclear chemical and. biological
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weapons that we knew he had previously. he refused to do that even as late as february hans blix was saying we do not know whether he still has these he listed a whole load of v.x. nerve gas mustard gas different agents chemical agents so we didn't know and he was not willing to allow. other countries to come to interview the scientists to see the audit trails to know whether he got rid of them or not in that situation it would have been ludicrous to have had a million strong army that was on the doorstep of iraq simply go away when the resolution fourteen forty one had given iran given him a final opportunity to comply with his obligations how the world done that then what would have happened if he would have simply rebuilt those programs with impunity knowing that he was absolutely untouchable and the world would not do
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anything against him we would have then been precipitated into a far more major conflict into the in the middle east between iran and iraq with devastating consequences destruction of the world's oil supplies it was a terrible situation and it was right that we took the action that we did not the fact that the united nations didn't sanction it in the terms of a second resolution does not change the fact that fourteen forty one said it was the final opportunity for him to comply now i'm a parent i have children i know that if i tell my children please come and do the washing up and they don't do it and i say look i've told. once already please come up if you have twelve years of that which is what we had with saddam hussein and you then come to the point where you say this is your final chance and he still does not comply then it's important that you take the ultimate sanction after that what about what happened afterwards there in both iraq and afghanistan the real
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violence began after the dictatorships were toppled do you see that happening in libya i think there is a danger of this and what you saw certainly in iraq was a complete failure of the occupying powers then to stabilize the situation and they let the the iraqi army keep their weapons but they disbanded the army and they said you must go back to your villages but you can keep your weapons this was insanity absolutely insanity and we must not be in a position where what we've done is created greater instability in libya that is absolutely clear. but nonetheless we equally must avoid is becoming an occupation force i think afghanistan is a very good example russia has very bitter experience of afghanistan as does britain of being an occupying power and you start off being a friend of someone and you end up being hated by everyone an occupying force is
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a very dangerous place to be and you should get out as quickly as you can what's the middle way that some would argue that nato stepping in has made this situation worse is it not their nature his responsibility to stay and clear up the matter you pose the question that really is how do you get to where you want to to be and of course the answer is well i wouldn't have started from here but you're right we're now in this situation and therefore what we have to do is to ensure that we provide support for stability without our cells being that stabilizing. military force it must not be that the new government relies on the military of britain and nato in order to maintain power they must be able to do that on their own we can give advice we can give help to help them stabilize the situation but we must not assume responsibility ourselves government insists that lessons were learned from
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what happened in iraq but given the way that this conflict been conducted do you believe that it's always a danger for every government in my view and every army to be fighting the last war. what you do is you learn lessons from one conflict which you then take on to the next but usually what you forget is that the context of the situation is different the next time and therefore the lessons that you've learned from the previous experience may not be appropriate in the conflict that you are now fighting you mentioned the factions inside the national transitional council we now know that some of those factions are religious groups who hope to establish an islamic state in libya what will the attitude to that be do you think. nato and from the libyans themselves will they get a voice in this new democracy it's not for nato or for the else to allow but it's
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for the people of libya to decide what they want to do it's for them to decide their own future. in this country and. all across the world people have had to learn to live. with the fact that we have different religious views different ethical views nonetheless we have to live together we have to spine some means of sharing a society sharing the country and making it work for all of us i believe the people of libya are no less capable of doing that than the people of of the. of the people of the united kingdom do you think that ultimately nature is intervention will cause more trouble in the middle east a region that is after already deeply unstable so i think the most serious i think it will if if if nato stays there as an occupation force but i don't think that is going to happen i think the really troubling conflicts in the middle east at the
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moment are within syria i think if you look at bahrain and the way in which saudi arabia went into bahrain to prop up the oligarchy there against the wishes of the people these are the flashpoints in the middle east that still have not versed asunder that is going to happen. once people have scented revolution once they have seen that freedom and a better life is possible i don't think they will go back under the yoke of the talk or see barry gardner thank you very much.
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the worldwide manhunt for him lasted for fifteen years. one million euro board was promised for. a. murder for the west.
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for many years in. general and the serbian army. problem luggage. on archie. mission and free accreditation free. free. free. free. free. download free bunch. of free media. top stories this hour on r.t. russia is running un security council members to demand an end to the violence in syria and prevent the uprising descending into another libyan scenario parties
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investigating who is really behind the bloodshed and how much is hype. meanwhile libyan rebels are poised to crush the last pockets of resistance from colonel gadhafi supporters with time running out for the loyalists to lay down arms and. israelis have staged their biggest ever anti-government protest against their dwindling living standards of three hundred thousand people gathered nationwide to get the government to spend more on social programs instead of settlements and the maternal. ukraine is turning up the heat in its gas route with moscow demanding that previously prices a card for refusing to make any concessions russia maintains the current contract complies with international requirements and cannot be revised unilaterally. by moscow has been a scene of celebration this sunday marking its eight hundred sixty fourth birthday with an eye opening light show at a store moscow's state university is the canvas for a multi million dollar display and the military's been taking over red square
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racking up another five day to two with russian foreign forces marching together. on this lighting up the sports world next natasha's with us here on r.t. stay with us. hello welcome to sport here in r.t.l. top stories first icing on the cake russia add two goals to their medal tally on the final day of the world athletics championships with wins in the hammer throwing and women's eight hundred meters. meanwhile you say involved leads jamaica to a world record breaking victory in before by one hundred meters relayed finally back to the deadly championships. and also russia to compete in the rugby world cup for the first ever time this year r.t. caught up with the school before they flew to new zealand. and let's begin with
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a flat tax where the world finals concluded on sunday with russia claiming two more girls on the closing day but he has been the most surprising the odds by beating a world champion caster semenya in the women's eight hundred meters the russian corkey one minute fifty five point eighty seven seconds samantha had to settle for . second behind and katie and janet says goodbye to bronze. i have an incredible feeling inside me i can't find any words to express them i'm not tired though my result was fantastic i have three more competitions this season but i won the most important one the world championships. and earn it that you always see on the top the podium in the women's hamel throwing off the marking seven to seven meters and thirteen centimeters edging betsy hart i'd love germany by more than me to chinese vend sushant completed the podium. and jamaica claimed the final gold of the championships in style so it's the only
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world record of the tournaments in the men's one hundred meters relay your same ball in the course and to a thirty seven point zero four second victory finishing where head of second placed bronze and saying friends and livingston. remember it was hard to believe. that there was some. kind of back to the british. in football russia have to beat island in the euro two thousand and twelve qualifying game to guarantee themselves the top spot in group b. dick advocaat schooled held in open training session on sunday two days before the all important match statistics on russia's side. first meeting away from home the upcoming moscow clash is a must win game for the visitors as a defeat could deny their qualifying hopes the hosts are fully fit but midfielder.
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sidelined through suspension russia also play slovakia door on the seventh and eleventh oct respect. the russian rugby players are looking forward to their first ever world cup match a clash against the united states on the fifteenth of september richard vaughan fulfil it caught up with the school before they headed to new zealand. the wait is almost over thirty players who fly to new zealand we have spent the last three months training intensively and gaining vital much experience how of earth of our senior team if the place is club rugby in england he's delighted but russia can finally start to do better talking on the rugby pitch it's been hanging over us the you know if the idea of the world cup that's just coming close by a day last month or so. it's a really was is just a bit of a relief when it's finally come however before they leave they spoke to the media
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about their hopes and expectations ahead of what will be the greatest moment so far in baseball which in career is russia one of the tournaments minnows but for the north times and he just glad to have made it couldn't even dream of it when i was younger yeah playing the russian and even playing for us at the world cup stage so i know you know that the last two years it has been a three minute i've travelled and literally have a day or so away to get that russia still have a long way to go until they can even think of being able to compete on a level playing field with the likes of new zealand and australia however the president of a russian rugby union has been fact his country finally made it to the finals will help boost the profile of the sport you see it is first time ever we want to fight for the rugby world cup it is a great achievement for us from team for rushmore of course never before with just such an opportunity to play with their. most famous strongest teams
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of course if we're going to easier to play with them or force them to maybe meet some of these teams my technique is for the players for developing professional rugby it's a great experience rusher play their first match of the tournament on september fifteenth against the united states of america. given they are in a group of italy australian. and oil and its game would be american russian coaching staff will be targeting as a look to become the first debbie tunes to ever win the match and their first will . mean more formal black legend sean fitzpatrick is delighted to see russia have made it to the world camp and he says the whole of new zealand is buzzing ahead of the tournament which kicks off from friday the ninth september you said i can't wait it was not here it is seven last time we had of the last times to new zealand sun since you know as a nation. there's four million people talk about a stadium a four million people and looking forward to welcoming the rugby world despite
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a disappointing tour of united kingdom recently where the russians was only four games against english club sides in the russian can behind and even if they lose a few games in new zealand the most important thing is that they have become the first players to represent their country and the third biggest sporting event in the world which bump orthodoxy. moto g.p. now and jorge lorenzo has won the san marino grand prix to staying in tashan fall they say has title case is still in a however retains the overall a despite the nisshin third lower and so on his blue yamaha pass the pilsen ten season lay down the first time and held on to win ahead of compact with a good draw a bit still night until set place you can use our track so we want to finish for spain in the silly as funny as were also winners in the rest of the canterbury's on the day the run still hot stone is a constant so that's why it's why races still to go in twenty eleven next stop is
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that fair of course. and finally the most high profile professional athletes usually have a skilful agent to thank for their exposure and big money deals the ice hockey agent association vice president. has been shedding some light on his profession it was of course the explains. huge contracts global brand indorsements and thousands of screaming fans the ice hockey all stars of the world really do have it all but despite being phenomenally talented individuals they would have a hard time making such an impact on the biggest stage without someone pulling the strings behind the scenes you know the osha cough never expected to become a sports agent but now he's become one of russia's trailblazers in the business he manages such mega stars as you have gainey moloch in and sergei go in charge. of jamie i became an agent by accident i lost my job in one thousand nine hundred nine and was struggling to make ends meet a friend of mine called me one day and said he got word from the new york rangers
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that a sports agency is pursuing me i didn't jump the gun and let those guys pursue my service he's eventually the company's representatives met with me and i took up the job. we shut off is well aware of the trials and tribulations his clients these daily he himself had a twenty three year playing career in cold spartak moscow after that. i've got some colleagues who never played and they think a hockey background is not necessary to do their job i tend to disagree as one must be able to evaluate an athlete's current level of performance and his potential that's what ultimately determines a player's price and while managing moloch in gone char and other big names would be the top entries on resume no agent would want to miss a transcendent up and coming talent ready to blossom into a star you have bush and i was as it was that i would say i represent between forty to fifty players in total including those born in one thousand nine hundred four
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and one thousand nine hundred five i try to keep in touch with all my clients and go to their matches if possible obviously there's a conflict of interest frequently because i can't attend all my players games and the same time. the competitive big money business can bring out the worst in some agents with some going as far as to steal the diamond in the rough that others that found we shut off says he experienced those shady dealings first hand and believes a lack of sporting knowledge is driving his colleagues to underhanded tactics. one agent blatantly told me he would take players from me once his current crop of stars retire this practice is widespread in russia while the united states for instance has a code of conduct which limits such action if an athlete is already represented by one inch and no other agent can recruit him however it was shock of claims he knows a few american agents who find ways to cheat players out of their hard earned money and i mean that you see this is i've never heard of agents taking money from
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players in russia but it's happened in the states before i knew that andre kostitsyn was a victim of such a scam and they also tried to trick our exam to abridge can and. alexander i do love but since parents are the ones who often choose their child's agents for the future they should make inquiries about it every agent. the players themselves though are much tighter need goob and help each other out when the going gets tough molecule along those benefiting from the smooth n.h.l. transition by teaming up with gone shark. malkin has an easier time adjusting because gone charm was already on the team max talbot's and sidney crosby were also our clients playing in pittsburgh at the time he moved into surrogates how to use and stay there for three and a half years so gone char was like a big brother to you've been there for a while he paid the bills helped him set up a bank account among other things. senior favorite athlete on the list of the
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richest people in their sport the cover of a new magazine or endorsing a product is the result of a good agent's work but those men like golf also clearly have the ability to become great advisors to their clients while allowing the players to blossom in their respective leaves. yvonne's gorski r t. that was the latest this fall stay with us for the main news at the top of the hour.
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for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. russia iran is the un security council to them on the end of the syrian prevent a descent into another libyan scenario. meanwhile the libyan rebels are poised to
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crush the last pockets of resistance from colonel gadhafi supporters as time runs out for them to lay down arms. in a week's other top stories israelis organize the country's biggest ever anti-government rally demanding money be spent on living standards of the settlements and the military. has been a scene a celebration this sunday marking its eight hundred sixty fourth birthday with an like show which state university is the canvas for a multi-million dollar display. and many trees to be taking over red square wrapping up another five day to two with russian and foreign forces marching together. with a look back at the past week's top stories and the latest developments this is.


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